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We’re building a skilled workforce by creating pathways for driven people seeking careers in technology.

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Why We're Here

LaunchCode is a nonprofit offering free tech education and job placement opportunities to bring new people from all backgrounds into the tech field and reshape the way employers think about hiring.

Aboutpage percent no degree

85% of LaunchCoders

begin their career without a degree in computer science

Aboutpage 4 in 5 hired

More than 4/5

of our apprentices are converted to permanent employment

Aboutpage two times salary

2x Previous Salary

Is the average beginning wage of LaunchCode hires

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500+ Company Partners

work with LaunchCode to hire our apprentices

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Help us keep the mission going by supporting free learning and career opportunities for even more people.

How We Started

LaunchCode was founded in 2013 to help people with nontraditional backgrounds find fulfilling, upwardly-mobile careers, and to help companies find skilled, new tech talent from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Millions of Americans are unemployed and many more are stuck in low-wage job cycles which leave them struggling to find livable salaries, employable skills, and a chance for advancement. American businesses also have a problem — there just isn’t enough traditional tech talent to match the growing demand. Code.org reports nearly 500,000 open computing jobs nationwide, yet only around 60,000 computer science graduates entered the workforce last year. These jobs are spread all over the economy, making products and services like your mobile phone, satellite television, and online searches just…work.

Back in 2013, Square’s Jim McKelvey founded LaunchCode to address these problems. Jim had experienced the lack of talent firsthand while trying to build a development shop for his new company Square in his hometown of St. Louis, MO. Eventually Jim moved Square to California for access to skilled workers, but knew there must be some way to connect the city’s rising unemployment with its shortage of tech talent. And so, LaunchCode was born.

It turns out, when you make quality education free and accessible, amazing things can happen.

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4811 Delmar Blvd, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63108

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(314) 254-0107

Jabari Adams
Managing Director of Company Relations
[email protected]

Claire Anderson
Company Relations Manager
[email protected]

Jackie Appel
Managing Director of Company Relations
[email protected]

Lexi Baysinger
Candidate Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Tiana Berry-Jones
VP of Marketing
[email protected]

Candice Bobbitt
Finance Manager
[email protected]

Jennifer Brake
Chief Development Officer
[email protected]

Kennedy Brown
Digital Marketing Specialist
[email protected]

Ben Clark
Director of Instruction for Justice Programs
[email protected]

Crystal Crump
Managing Director, Company Relations
[email protected]

Lori Eaton
SVP, Company Relations
[email protected]

Brian Feldman
VP of Talent Solutions
[email protected]

Daniel Fogarty
VP of Growth
[email protected]

Leah Freeman
Public Relations Director
[email protected]

Sarah Freymiller
Candidate Engagement Manager (they/them)
[email protected]

David Gorosh
Facility Manager
[email protected]

Julio Govreau
VP of People Operations
[email protected]

Keighan Gunther
AVP, Philadelphia
[email protected]

Eshe Hawash
Senior Training Program Manager
[email protected]

Kate Kershaw
Managing Director, Kansas City
[email protected]

Kevin Kickham
Director of Institutional Giving
[email protected]

Christopher King
Business Development Manager
[email protected]

Benjamin Kitchens
Training Program Manager
[email protected]

Haley Kodner
Director of Digital Marketing
[email protected]

Maggie Lampe
Finance Manager
[email protected]

Carly Langlois
Director of Education
[email protected]

Ethan Leigh
VP of Finance
[email protected]

Jess Longueville
Grants Manager
[email protected]

Paul Matthews
Director of Technical Training
[email protected]

Jeff Mazur
Executive Director
[email protected]

Kathy McCadden
Donor Relations Manager
[email protected]

Barbara McCray
Receptionist & Facilities Coordinator
[email protected]

Ryan Neal
Director of Targeted Training
[email protected]

Mike Northrop
Lead Managing Director, Company Relations
[email protected]

Rachel Rolon
Candidate Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Clark Roman
Candidate Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Leah Schare
Candidate Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Mandy Schultz
Candidate Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Haley Shoaf
VP of Justice Programs
[email protected]

Keith Slater
VP of Technology
[email protected]

Katie Soetaert
Donor Relations Associate
[email protected]

Rosanna Speller
Software Engineer (she/her)
[email protected]

Sally Steuterman
Education Program Developer
[email protected]

Kate Verrill
Senior People Operations Manager
[email protected]

Gail Vivar
Marketing and Community Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Ryan Walker
Software Engineer (They/Them)
[email protected]

Lin Wang
Chief Program Officer
[email protected]

Greg Wesloh
Candidate Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Jessi Wilcox
VP of Impact
[email protected]

John Woolbright
Senior Candidate Engagement Manager
[email protected]

Our Board Leadership

Jim McKelvey, President
Co-Founder of Square, Author and Founder of Invisibly & LaunchCode

Timothy McFadden, Secretary
Senior Partner, Fisher Broyles

Mark Brooks
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Centene Corporation

Alison Ferring
Community Volunteer

Michael Gallagher
Senior Strategic Advisor, World Wide Technology

Cyeria Jackson
Principal, Internal Audit, Amazon

Everett Johnson
Senior Director and Principal of Business Solutions Development, Edward Jones

Sarah Mayer
Retired Senior Director BDS Operations Architecture, Capabilities & Systems, Boeing

Julian Nicks
Consultant, Bain & Company

Brooke Williams
User Experience Specialist, Readout Health

Dan Gillian
Vice President of U.S. Government Services, Boeing Global Services

If you would like to connect with our Board of Directors, please contact LaunchCode’s Executive Director, Jeff Mazur. [email protected]