Tech Unexpected

Forward-thinking companies know the digital talent needed to thrive is out there - you just have to look in unexpected places.

Why Work With LaunchCode?

From truck drivers to retail staff, and everything in-between, every LaunchCoder that passes through our doors uses their dedication and effort from their previous (or still ongoing) jobs to learn the new languages, workflows, and tools of the tech trade today. This is what makes LaunchCoders the best candidates for tech talent - they're committed to learning, growing, and filling the tech talent gaps in America. Fuel your tech team with unexpected talent today.


How It Works

Whether you're a job-seeker looking to launch a new career in tech or you're a company in search of hiring unexpected tech talent, LaunchCode is here to help you fill the tech talent gap.

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Finding Tech Talent Has Never Been So Easy

Today's tech teams face complicated challenges and a diverse array of needs. LaunchCode makes it easy to add the skills you need for your unique business position. We can help you hire one or 100 apprentices, bring a new diversity of perspectives to your team, or even build a customized training solution just for you.


Connect with LaunchCoders

More than 500 companies have found tech talent they needed through LaunchCode. With our focus on serving diverse communities, we offer a great pool of tech talent candidates.

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On-The-Job Experience

We work with companies to make sure that we cultivate a mentoring approach to hiring tech talent. From apprenticeships to direct hires, we focus on client/employee partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

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Hire Full-Time Employees

We are not a recruiting company. We have a careful evaluation process to make sure you are speaking only with software developers who are a good fit and will be a dedicated member of your team.

What Our Hiring Partners Are Saying

We identified a critical business need at Mastercard and LaunchCode is helping us staff accordingly…LaunchCode is connecting us with people we otherwise didn't have access to without their help.

— Micah Schwanitz, Director of Program and Project Management Mastercard logo 2016


Want to Become a LaunchCoder?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a career in tech. Our course curriculum, resources, and job prep programs are all developed to get you the skills employers are looking for — all for free.


Start Your Assessment

Take our 10-second assessment below, and we'll show you just where to get going on the path toward rocking your new career in tech.


Take a FREE Coding Class

Want to launch a career in tech? To start on this path, you need the right training. With so many options available to learn new skills, it can be hard to know where to start.


Already Have Coding Skills?

Already have the tech skills to land a job, but need some extra experience in tech? Work with us on finding a job or an apprenticeship that can get you on your tech career path!

What Our LaunchCoders Are Saying

Going through LaunchCode gave me the confidence to know that I can do it, and I can learn these new skills even without a background, without a bachelor's in computer science.

— Jillian Embrey, Web Developer Wwt logo


LaunchCode is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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